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Sump Pump Installation Can Help You Avoid a Flooded Basement

If you're tired of spring and summer thunderstorms sending water pouring into your basement, the time to fight back is now. Concrete Raising of Upstate New York is available for sump pump installation in properties throughout the greater Albany area. How does a sump pump help you avoid a flooded basement? When water seeps into your basement, the pump will push the water back outside, where it belongs. You'll be less likely to have to deal with the frustration and property damage that go along with a flooded basement when you have a sump pump in your building. 

Concrete Raising of Upstate New York is a bonded and insured business with more than 25 years of experience in basement waterproofing. When it comes to sump pump installation, we know our stuff. We can assist you with: 

  • Selecting the right sump pump model for your property
  • Selecting the best location for the pump in your basement
  • Installing the system for superior and lasting function
  • Testing pipes, switches, and valves before leaving the premises
  • Installing a battery backup sump pump for total protection

Want to learn more? Concrete Raising of Upstate New York is just a phone call away, at (518) 300-3386. We want this spring to be the last season you ever have to worry about basement flooding issues. Call now! 

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